Moments with Kairos

Moments with Kairos

Why Moments with Kairos?

There are moments in our life that change us irrevocably. They are not necessarily the big dramatic moments when our past life collapses and we stand before a void.

They are often the small, almost insignificant moments that gently alter the course of our being in the world. Sometimes they are born out of an unknowing, spontaneous decision that at the time seems arbitrary.

But time has a way of infusing the insignificant with depth and perspective. And all to often we rush over these minor shifts in an effort to get the most out of our available time.

The different qualities of time have a long tradition in philosophical ponderings. The Greeks had two concepts of time: Chronos, the chronological time where one moment follows another so that the quantities of moments add up to hours, days, weeks, years, a whole life. And Kairos, those moments where time stands still and we enter fully into that stage of our extraordinary existence, experiencing the deep quality of time.
When I first came across the word "Kairos", it was as the name of a beautiful big Percheron draft horse. This encounter introduced me to the concept of moments with Kairos: not just spending chronological time with him, but experiencing quiet, wordless Kairos time where nothing is asked of me, just being quietly with myself, outside time and pressure and demands.

Expressing those moments with Kairos can take many different forms: for me, it is often spending time with my horses, either engaged in activities, or enjoying doing nothing. It can also be writing about these special moments. Or I find myself with an image in my head that wants to be expressed artistically. Sometimes it happens in the middle of what we call work, in particular if it is to support others through coaching to discover that peace and rightness for themselves.

But always, they have that special quality of being immersed in the right place, the right time, where all is well with our world.