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Moments with Kairos

The Official and Less Official Story

Born in Germany and educated at Freiburg, Glasgow and Hamburg universities, I concentrated my studies on theatre, directing plays and also teaching modern languages.

During my time as a lector at one of the Cambridge University colleges, I explored human interaction as an intellectual endeavor, trying to understand how breakdowns in communication are expressed in the artistic medium of the theatre. This culminated in a doctorate in interaction theory.

However, it was not until I observed and experienced the power of the nonverbal and bodily language of the horses, that I experienced a more complete picture.

Understanding what elements play into how people interact, helped during my time as a business entrepreneur and co-founder of a networking and business development company.

Upon turning sixty, I decided to take this a step further, and dig deeper: I completed my training as a Martha Beck life coach end of 2012.


That all sounds pretty plausible, but all resum├ęs leave out a large part of what inspires our lives. In my case: what about art? What about horses? 

Yes, the former runs through my life as an early passion, with many closely guarded experiments. After all, I have no training, and don't even like drawing realistically. But colors, shapes and layers have fascinated me for a long time. Expressing what can't be expressed, painting a reality that seems unreal - all great joys to explore.

And then the latter, horses. I was not one of those horse mad teenage girls - my sister was, and I really couldn't understand why. Somehow, horses took decades to get under my skin, and when they did in my fifties, it was like an all encompassing hurricane that redefined all previous passions.

Birgit Weskamp, After Demeter. Interference Acrylics. 2014
My first horse, the Arabian stallion Alakaset. 2013