Birgit Weskamp Studio

Moments with Kairos

The Messiness of Miraculous Creation

I've always been intrigued by creativity, whether expressed with paint or fabric or wool or pen, on the page or in the theatre, with others or on my own. Being creative gives me a great deal of joy. Artistic creativity has never been a job, a means to earn money, but the passion of an amateur who does all this for the love of it.
A painting that I did when I was five years old, found its way onto a vision board in 2012, next to this important goal: "Draw like nobody is watching".

It reminds me that we are all prone to being harsh critics of ourselves, and while a healthy dose of skepticism can urge us ahead beyond our comfort zone, however, if we listen too much to our inner critic, we might not dare put our achievements out there into the world.