Birgit Weskamp Studio

Moments with Kairos

All Manner of Pastels

There was a period of many years where I used oil and soft pastels almost exclusively. I enjoyed smudging soft pastels and blending them into atmospheric shapes, and then layering over them. Oil pastels were even more useful for layering, and then scratching lines and shapes into the thick background.

When I first got into art as an adult in the eighties, I thought that drawing in black and white would be easier, and shied away from color. I struggled with perspective, with my lack of drawing talent, but somehow kept trying. The first color painting I did (Oma's Chair, see below) was quite challenging from a composition and perspective point of view, and the colors were very tentative. But once I really got into colors, and forgot about rules of realistic representation, I enjoyed myself much more. I still like looking at the Rapeseed series from the same year.