Birgit Weskamp Studio

Moments with Kairos

Big Bottles of Tempera or Poster Paint

I used tempera paint first when I was looking for a water soluble, non toxic paint that would work on horses, and be easy to wash off. I was surprised how patient and cooperative Kairos was in this process.

It appeared again recently in my life when I participated in an intuitive painting class where this was the medium of choice. In intuitive painting, the process of painting and all it brings to the surface is more important than the result. Nothing is taboo, no matter how adamant the inner critic is that this is not "proper art". Whether it is too ugly, too pink, too amateurish, too undecipherable, too meaningless (to just quote a few examples of how our inner critic keeps us in check), it all has a place in a painting if the intuition brings it on to the paper. What a pleasure not to have to engage with the critical and judging mind, but to just paint with the flow, and to explore new horizons.